Skype For Android Brings New Design

Skype For Android Brings New Design

Microsoft recently brought a new design for Skype to the iPhone and now the company has revealed that its Android app is also getting a new design.

The new Skype for Android will bring a new design and user interface to Android it will come with a new look and feel in line with Google’s material design.

“In Skype version 8.13 for iPhone, we launched a new design that brings back a bottom bar to streamline navigation and simplify access to Skype’s core features. During user testing, we shared this design along with the design that is currently in market with a variety of Android users.

The majority of Android users expressed preference for the version with a bottom bar. Based on this interest, we decided to run with this approach and created an experimental version of Skype for Android that: 

• Adheres to Google’s Material Design guidelines for bottom bar navigation
• Brings back a contextual FAB for quick access to key actions 
• Has an updated header & search icon to feel more at home on Android”

You can find out more details about the new Skype for Android over at Microsoft at the link below, the new design is now available on Android devices.

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