Paul Allen crew films elusive sixgill shark in famed WWII wreck

Paul Allen crew films elusive sixgill shark in famed WWII wreck

Remember Quint’s chilling speech about the USS Indianapolis in “Jaws”? To this day, sharks still prowl that infamous warship.

There’s a chilling scene in “Jaws” in which the character Quint (Robert Shaw) tells Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) and Brody (Roy Scheider) about surviving horrific shark attacks after the sinking of the USS Indianapolis in 1945.

The sharks are still guarding the Indianapolis 70 years later.

While exploring the wreck off the coast of the Philippines earlier this month, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s research ship, RV Petrel, captured rare footage of an elusive bluntnose sixgill shark. The video footage was posted to YouTube on Monday.

“This is remarkable footage of the bluntnose sixgill shark, a rare and deep-dwelling species of shark,” Gonzalo Araojo, executive director of the Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines, said on Allen’s website. “This, to our knowledge, is the first live encounter with the species in the Philippines.”

Lost for more than 72 years, the Indianapolis was found and identified by the Petrel’s crew in August, and lies more than three miles below the surface of the Philippine Sea.

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